Chai - Pink (Bubblegum Pink)

Chai - Pink (Bubblegum Pink)

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12" EP, Bubblegum Pink 
Heavenly Recordings (2018) UK 

Limited bubblegum pink 12” EP

Japanese culture has long since developed a fascination with the cute, the innocent, the throwaway; it’s termed ‘kawaii’, more of a cult than a concept, and it runs through the veins of incoming hyper-animated four-piece CHAI.

Hailing from Japan’s Nagoya region, the band formed around identical twins Mana and Kana, before close friends Yuna and Yuuki completed the line up. Imagine a world dominated by bright colours and squeaky clean plastic, where endless cartoons and guilt-free meal times combine to offer hymns to empowerment, and a rejection of the mundane. Imagine CHAI’s electrifying, hallucinatory, but wonderfully real debut mini-album ‘PINK’.