New Age Doom, Lee "Scratch" Perry – Lee "Scratch" Perry's Guide To The Universe

New Age Doom, Lee "Scratch" Perry – Lee "Scratch" Perry's Guide To The Universe

New Age Doom, Lee "Scratch" Perry
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We Are Busy Bodies – WABB-099 (2021) CA 

New Age Doom follows up its critically acclaimed 2020 drone metal opus Himalayan Dream Techno with a serendipitous LP featuring the late dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry as lead vocalist. 

With its central themes of experimentation and dreaming, the album takes listeners on a sonic trip through a genre-defying blend of drone, jazz, stoner rock, noise and (of course) dub.

Delivering a life-affirming performance equal parts blessing and warning, Lee "Scratch" Perry drops benevolent wisdom bombs and soaring melodies of holy adoration. Possessed of blessed inspiration, the legendary Upsetter "kills us down with love" with his singular brand of freestyle proselytizing.

Meanwhile, New Age Doom continues to draw more artists into its instrumental orbit. The new LP brings together a who's-who of fearless musicians from the jazz, rock and post-rock scenes. Returning are bassist Tim Lefebvre on acoustic bass, electric bass and synthesizers, as well as Cola Wars on synthesizers and keyboards. The expanded lineup now features Bowie Blackstar bandleader Donny McCaslin on saxophone, jazz trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom, Dahm Majuri Cipolla of MONO on drums and gong, The Passenger on synthesizers and Ryan Dahle of Mounties and Limblifter on multi-instruments and backing vocals. Dahle is also responsible for the album’s immaculate analog mix and master, bringing to life the manifold textures and nuances of the instruments and voices.