The White Stripes - The White Stripes

The White Stripes - The White Stripes

The White Stripes
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LP, Reissue, 180g 
Third Man Records (2022) US 

Mastered from the Original Analog Source by George Ingram with Input from Third Man Records

Minimalist 1999 Debut Sets Tone For What Follows: Jagged Blues and Big Beats Announce Arrival of Modern Garage-Rock Pioneers

Long Out of Print on LP: Remastered Sonics Lay Waste to Those on Rare Original Pressings

Here is where it all begins. Spare, minimal, and economical, the White Stripes' 1999 debut set the tone for the legendary releases that would follow. Featuring booming sounds made with just voice, guitar, and drums, the self-titled record relishes pounding drums, jagged guitar riffs, howling vocals, and bashed-out rhythms fueled on fuzzed-out effects and primal passion. A pair of well-chosen covers, Bob Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee," and Blind Willie Johnson's "John the Revelator," make this a must-have. The White Stripes were never again as raw as they are here. 

In the way it blends punk, blues and garage rock, guitarist/vocalist Jack White described the album as "really angry...the most raw, the most powerful, and the most Detroit sounding record we've made." 

As for the sonics, now better than ever, remastered from the original analog source? The White Stripes' use of analog and low-fidelity equipment in the recording process partnered with a DIY approach created a simplicity of composition, arrangement and performance that sets them apart from their contemporaries. 
This music was meant to be experienced in analog. Get your copy today!